About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a clinically oriented healthcare option that uses human touch to influence the soft-tissue muscles of the body and mitigate the discomforts caused by everyday and occupational stresses, muscular exhaustion and chronic pain ailments.

Strong communication skills are also used to make each separate client feel comfortable and secure as well as to build a trusting connection with a client, this is essential for the success of a massage therapist. Massage and bodywork has been preformed on people for thousands of years. In many cultures a peaceful human touch is considered important to ones psychological and physical prosperity.

Deep Tissue massage can be very relaxing and/ or can focus on specific problem, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Recovery from injuries; whiplash, falls, sports injury)
  • Repetitive strain injury; such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Postural problems
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tension or spasm

Other massage techniques include:

  • Myofascial release techniques
  • Trigger point release

Massage therapy can be helpful for chronically tense areas such as a stiff neck and shoulders and low back/ hip tightness. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limit movement, & create inflammation, all of which contribute to pain. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore range of motion.